I had been relocated 3000 miles from my home in Arizona for a new job.

I had been relocated 3000 miles from my home in Arizona for a new job. After the confirmation this was a permanent move and getting very tight on maintaining rent and mortgage I decided I needed to sell my home.

I worked with Jamie in 2005 on the purchase of my first home and I immediately contacted her to be my Realtor in the sale of this home. I painfully decided I needed to sell it and I wanted it, needed it sold within 45 days…money was just getting too tight!! My birthday was in this sales time frame so I told Jamie I wanted that as my birthday present!! HA. I presented her with my ultimate wish list and she rocked it out for me! 

I had to do this whole thing from out of state and she was brilliant in her ability to organize all the resources from small repairs to the water well certification to tidying up the yard and staging the house for the showings. All of the resources she had were super timely, had great pricing and were incredibly trust worthy. All communications were solid, timely and had amazing follow through. We started this process only 30-40 days prior to listing…..!!

We closed the sale of my home in 42 days from the day we listed it!!!


And we DID NOT have any repairs nor did we do any radical price reductions. All the paperwork was done digitally..super easy. We both came out winners thanks to Jamie. I got exactly what I wanted to happen like a miracle and her fees were great too. 

If I ever need a Realtor Jamie Levy is IT!! Huge thumbs up!! Now I can kick back and sip on a mai tai…….Aloha!

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